Typecast Speaks Up for the Abused in Gripping New Song, ‘Mulat Na Mata’

May 3, 2019

It took almost two decades for Typecast to unveil their very first Tagalog piece, “Mulat Na Mata.” But for fans who have been anticipating this moment, their brand-new song was worth the long wait.

Speaking up for the abused, the four-piece post-hardcore outfit offers a gripping, in-your-face directness aimed at those who trample on the weak to seek their own gains. Assisted by the band’s heavy yet melodious music, vocalist Steve Badiola sings and screams in this track to make not just an angsty whine but a bold statement: He won’t let himself be a victim of such evil-doing.

The eye-opening piece’s being written in the vernacular all the more helped convey its consequential theme.

“Pa’no ka nakakatulog sa gabi/ Tuwing tinatapakan ang sawi/ Pag may dilim na bumubulong/ Humahaba ang ‘yong sungay kasabay ng huwad mong ngiti/ Hindi ako pasasakal sayo/ At aking susunugin hanggang abo/ Tandaan mong mabuti sa isip itanim/ Kung walang araw walang buwan sa dilim,” Badiola writes and sings in the track.

In a radio interview last April 29, the Typecast frontman shares that he got his inspiration from the poignant realities that plague today’s society.

“I’m really keen when it comes to observing what happens around me. Time and maturity have opened my eyes and let me see things I wasn’t able to see before. This is one of the things that led me to writing our new track,” he shared, calling their latest release a “rather straightforward song.”

Steve Badiola is the frontman of pop-punk/post-hardcore outfit, Typecast.

As for their next project, Badiola hinted that “they are cooking up a lot of things for the rest of the year.”

Two Decades of Typecast

The original members of the band first came together in 1999. Cradled in the local band scene of Laguna (which was the sanctuary of pop punk and hardcore upstarts during the time), they went on to achieve mainstream success while staying true to their underground roots.

Their debut effort was the independently released “Last Time” back in 2001. This was followed by “The Infatuation is Always There” (2004), “Every Moss and Cobweb” (2006), “How Your Influence Betrays You” (2011), and their EP “Word Sits Heavy” (2014). Their most recent additions to their catalog of works are the singles “Against The Ropes,” “Perfect Posture,” and “Mulat Na Mata.”

“We started out as high school friends. Then our network expanded, and the next thing we knew — we’re already in the scene doing gigs,” Badiola recalled.

Asked for a piece of advice for aspiring bands, he noted that practice is key. “Practice and hone your craft — whatever that is. And always have space for improvement.”

In agreement, guitarist-vocalist Pakoy Fletchero noted that an artist “should never claim that he’s already ripe and at his best.”

“Actually, until now, we feel nervous and excited when we perform even if we’ve been doing this for so many years now,” Fletchero admitted.

“Yes, that’s true. Until today we feel anxious and nervous. And I think, these are the things that shouldn’t fade away; once gone, it already means that your craft is no longer important to you,” Badiola added.

Being in the industry for two decades, the band is overwhelmed to have fans that have matured alongside them as well as fans that come from the younger generation.

“Not all bands have this kind of opportunity. There are artists who will only be there and be known for a while. We feel really lucky because in the twenty years that band has been together, the listeners are still there,” Fletchero noted.

Typecast is composed of Badiola, Fletchero, Chi Resurreccion (bass), and Sep Roño (drums).

Stream their new song, “Mulat Na Mata”:

Watch their Wishclusive performances below:

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