Wish 107.5 Bus, Jazzed Up in Support of Jason Mraz’s New Single, ‘Have It All’

Jul 2, 2018

Wish 107.5 just got jazzed up…for a good reason!


Teaming up with Warner Music Philippines, Wish 107.5 has unveiled its musical bus’ new look featuring a banner of Jason Mraz’s “Have It All” on June 25. The partnership was forged in support of the Grammy award-winning artist’s latest offering.


Mraz, known for his peppy, good vibe-inducing tracks, released the song earlier in April this year.


According to a press release, the guitar-driven single was first conceived during the 40-year-old singer’s trip to Myanmar back in 2012. As tragic news and saddening events continued to escalate in the years that followed, he was inspired to bring his composition to life.


“The world had changed a lot since 2012. More people are marching for their freedoms and equality; to be seen and heard. Activism is back in style,’ Mraz stated.


“I wrote a lot of frustrated, angry, even sad songs between then and now, but nothing I wanted to come forward with; nothing I wanted to sing. ‘Have It All’ stood out as a song with a hopeful message to help me heal and move forward; a song with a message of generosity – the antithesis of despondency,” he added.


Jason Mraz is the man behind the global smashes “The Remedy,” “I’m Yours,” and “I Won’t Give Up” among others. (Photo courtesy of Warner Music Philippines)


Mraz further described the happy, infectious tune as “as a blessing disguised as a rap song and it’s meant to be paid-forward and shared.”


True to his dedication to create a positive impact on people’s lives, the “I’m Yours” singer also goes beyond the confines of music to reach out to others. The “committed global citizen” sustains different charitable acts through the Jason Mraz Foundation, whose main mission is to “uplift humanity through arts education and the advancement of equality.”


Mraz first gained prominence in the international music scene with the release of his debut record, “Waiting For My Rocket to Come,” spawning the smash hit, “The Remedy.” He is set to release his sixth studio album titled “Know” in August.


Need your dose of happy, musical vibes? Check out “Have It All” on Spotify and iTunes! You can also bring out the creative in you and join the Jason Mraz and Wish 107.5 “Have It All” photo contest to win exciting prizes. Click here for the mechanics.

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