Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel: The Road to 1 Million Subscribers

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Posted on: February 24th, 2017

It was in July 2014 when Wish 107.5 joined the plethora of channels on World Wide Web’s most popular video site, YouTube. First used to promote what was then a soon-to-be-launched station, the page’s inaugural video was a commercial of Wish’s promotional campaign, “Ano’ng Wish Mo?”.

Now, after only over two years, the channel that started with only one video, one view and one subscriber has grown to become a WISHclusive gateway of different music acts to the world. As of writing, the country’s no. 1 FM YouTube Channel tallies 524 videos, over 350 million views and about 910,000 subscribers composed of netizens and music lovers from across the globe.

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For 2016 alone, Wish 107.5 obtained a 236% increase in the number of its YouTube channel subscribers, making it the fastest-growing channel in the country according to a year-end report released by YouTube Philippines.

Its most recent uploads include performances from top-notch acts including international music stars Dan Hill, David Pomeranz and The Moffatts, and local legends such as Gary V., The Company, Jamie Rivera, Gino Padilla and Hajji Alejandro.


What Wish 107.5 is experiencing is an overwhelming feat, but the channel vows to not stop from reaching more musical ears and hearts.

With its rapidly-increasing statistics, it is currently traversing the fast lane towards hitting that one-million mark for its number of subscribers (In the Philippines, only seven channels were able to achieve the revered YouTube figure).

As a way of giving back to the people — the Wishers — who are behind this momentous success, the FM station is slated to stage a special event this coming March.  Follow Wish 107.5’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to get more updates.

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