Wish Bus Passenger Seat Q&A with Stephen Speaks: The Story Behind ‘Out of My League’

Feb 15, 2019

Cause I love her with all that I am
And my voice shakes along with my hands
Yes she’s all that I see and she’s all that I need
And I’m out of my league once again

— Stephen Speaks’ Out Of My League

‘90s acoustic pop-rock sensation Stephen Speaks took Wishers on a trip down memory lane — literally and figuratively — as he boarded the Wish Bus last February 11 on the Roadshow with DJ Alice and performed his classic love anthems, “Passenger Seat” and “Out Of My League.”

Rockwell Ryan Ripperger, the American artist behind Stephen Speaks, shared that he loves going back to the Philippines because of the wonderful people who love and appreciate his music. The American singer also expressed his excitement over being back inside the iconic Wish Bus. “I just specifically asked to be back on board because this is such a cool thing — it’s so unique!,” the singer-songwriter exclaimed.

During a brief yet memorable interview with DJ Alice, the singer shared the story behind his hit romantic pop track, “Out of My League.”

DJ Alice: Who did you write this [song] for?

Stephen Speaks: It was actually written in high school and [I wrote it] with my best friend, TJ. He wrote this song about this girl and she ended up leaving him for a football player. She was out of his league, I guess.

DJ Alice: Have you ever been out of your league?

Stephen Speaks: Oh, I’m married to someone who’s out of my league right now! It’s obviously relatable to anyone who’s in love. I think you should feel like the person you’re with is better than you. If you don’t, well think about it again, ‘coz they probably are. You should always honor and admire and look up to whoever you’re with. If you don’t feel lucky to be with the person you’re with, then you’re doing something wrong.

Stephen is back in the Philippines for #TheAcousticThrowbackTour happening from February 8 to 17, at different SM malls across the country. He is touring with special OPM guests, local acoustic king Paolo Santos and MCA Music’s Acoustic Sweetheart, Sabrina.

Catch #TheAcousticThrowbackTour at these dates and venues:

February 15 | 4 PM – SM Southmall with Paolo Santos

February 16 | 6 PM – SM City Cebu with Sabrina

February 17 | 5 PM – SM City Bacolod with Paolo Santos

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