Wish Bus USA Brings Musical Performances to Hollywood Streets via Wish 107.5 Live

Oct 16, 2018

The streets of Hollywood will never sound the same again. On Monday, October 8 (LA Time), Wish 107.5 staged the pilot episode of its newest online program, Wish 107.5 Live.


The show, hosted by DJ Robin Nievera, is broadcasted live from the Wish Bus USA and can be watched through Wish 107.5’s YouTube Channel.


Introducing a rather unique platform where artists can showcase their sound, the newly unveiled Wish Bus is a musical vehicle that traverses and makes stops in popular landmarks across the entertainment capital of the world.


Pinoy rock band INTRoVOYS performed a greatest-hits setlist aboard the Wish Bus USA.


Since its maiden broadcast, Wish 107.5 Live has featured artists like Philippine Concert King Martin Nievera, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista, 90’s OPM stars INTRoVOYS and Perf De Castro, and Los Angeles-based Youtube sensation Karencitta.


The program has also welcomed foreign acts, including American guitarist Ty Asoudegan and X-Factor Romania finalist Cezar Guna to name a few.


“The best part about the Wish Bus, even back home [in the Philippines] is that we can sing from almost anywhere. As we’re in America now, maybe we can help artists get their songs out there,” DJ Robin shared in an interview.


X-Factor Romania finalist Cezar Guna shared his vocal chops on Wish 107.5’s newest online show, Wish 107.5 Live.


Same Quality, With a Twist


After hosting the Roadshow — a radio program carried via the original Wish 107.5 Bus, DJ Robin headed for the U.S. with the aim of ensuring that the Hollywood-based broadcasts are done in the same quality as the Philippines’.


“[The management] gave me the job not only to be the the DJ here, but to also make it work like how we’ve done in Manila. I’ve been the Roadshow’s DJ for two years, and [the staff] there all taught me really well on how to do this, so I’m trying to do my best so that we can do the same way that we do it back home.”


One thing common about the Roadshow and the Wish 107.5 Live is the Wishclusive feature.


Music virtuoso Perf De Castro (right) brought his LA-based band Rockstallion to dish out live Wishclusive performances.


“Wishclusive videos will be recorded here, just like in Manila, and they are going to come out on the first Wish 107.5 YouTube account. As not all songs are uploaded, the best way to watch all these things is to watch us live, every single day.”


Nonetheless, DJ Robin hinted that U.S. Wishers can expect more than just live performances and interviews.


“We’re hoping for more things that are not just Wishclusive videos, things that are more personal for fans. We want the DJs to be slightly different…we might do vlogs, and other different things that we don’t do in Manila.”


Catch DJ Robin as he hosts Wish 107.5 Live Mondays through Fridays, 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. PDT. The show, with broadcast emanating from the Wish Bus USA, airs on Wish 107.5’s YouTube channel.

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