Wish Granted: 11-Year-Old Brain Tumor Patient Meets Favorite Singer, Yeng Constantino

Oct 9, 2018

Oftentimes, fervent wishes come as answered prayers in the least expected moment. Just like what Zouie Buyco, an 11-year-old brain tumor patient, recently experienced.


On the 24th of September, she, together with her mother Jackelyn, flew from Iloilo to supposedly undergo a medical check-up and spend some leisure time while in Manila. Little did she know that she was only a day away from fulfilling one of her dreams — and that is to meet her favorite singer, Yeng Constantino.


“When we learned that she wishes to meet Yeng, we immediately sought for ways how [the singer] can be reached and contacted. Fortunately, we are partners with Wish 107.5, and our request was granted,” Aleah Ortiz, Executive Director of Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines, shared in an interview.


Wish 107.5, together with the charitable organization and Air Asia, planned a surprise meet-and-greet between Zouie and the Pop-Rock Superstar.


Overjoyed and Thankful


On the sidelines of Bugoy Drilon’s 10th anniversary concert, Zouie finally got to meet Yeng who was one of the show’s special guests.


Yeng Constantino was one of the OPM stars who graced Bugoy Drilon’s 10th anniversary concert held at the Kia Theatre on September 25, 2018.


While the jam-packed Kia Theater was witnessing a spectacular musical revelry, backstage, the charming Yengster was overflowing with joy and gratitude as she shared a sweet and touching moment with her musical idol.


“I am very happy because I met Ate Yeng. I was really surprised because I didn’t know that she was already beside me,” Zouie said.


The lucky lass also shared a duet with the OPM act.


As a message for her fan, Yeng shared, “I am extremely grateful because tonight, I was able to meet you. You’ve inspired me to be happy. And I want to thank you, too, for listening to my songs and watching my vlogs.”


Blessing After Blessing


The surprise for Zouie did not end in her sharing a heart-rending moment with her OPM heroine. Wish 107.5 has also offered medical assistance and an educational scholarship for her, courtesy of its partner, RJNL Productions.


“We at RJNL Productions, in partnership with Wish 107.5, would like to give Zouie an educational scholarship and at the same time help with her medical needs,” Raymard Gutierrez, the company’s executive director, remarked.


Seeing how elated her daughter was, Jackelyn couldn’t help but be grateful.


Zouie Buyco met and shared a sweet and heartwarming with her favorite singer, Yeng Constantino.


“I am beyond thankful. Words can’t describe how I felt when I saw that my child was really happy and delighted.”


According to her, Zouie was diagnosed with an optic brain tumor back in 2016. The condition has partly affected the 11-year-old’s vision.


“I need to be strong for her. I don’t let her see me crying, because I know I’m one of the sources of her strength. I always say to her that she can do it,” she added as she recounted how Zouie once survived a critical operation wherein half of her body was put in a coma.


Meanwhile, Kuya Daniel Razon, the main innovator of Wish 107.5, also expressed a heartfelt message for the inspiring Wisher.


“In our own little way, we hope that we’ve made you happy by letting you meet the singer you admire, Yeng Constantino. To you Zouie, we pray to God that He’d ease your pain and heal you from your illness.”


The wish-granting advocacy of the FM radio station is one of the projects initiated by Kuya Daniel.


Earlier in May, Wish 107.5 has also teamed up with Make-A-Wish to help a leukemia patient meet Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette.

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