Erika Flores and Ramil Rodriguez

Wishlist and Grants

Posted on: August 16th, 2016

As part of our Fan Ride promo for our month-long second anniversary celebration, two lucky wishers, Erika Flores and Ramil Rodriguez, had the chance to jam and chat with their favorite OPM band, Sponge Cola.

For Erika, meeting Sponge Cola has always been a part of her bucket list ever since she became a fan of the band. Two years ago at her school, she recounted how she frantically wished for a Sponge Cola meet and greet.
She never imagined she would be able to have her wish granted and when it was finally fulfilled — she felt so “flattered, surreal and ultrablessed.”

While on the Wish Bus, Erika had the chance to perform “Regal” with Sponge Cola.

sponge cola (1)

“[Regal] has a magical feeling for me, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. The lyrics just resonate with the tune…There’s something about the song that you’d just like to hear it over and over again, and you won’t get tired of it.”

Meanwhile, for Ramil Rodriguez, jamming with Sponge, his music hero, is a wish-come-true.

“I really like their music even before, way back 2009, when I first saw them playing at Sta. Lucia. I and my friends were inspired to form a band. They are one of our influences,” he said.

sponge cola (6)

Sponge Cola also expressed their gratitude for this rare moment with their fans.

“It feels so good to meet the people who enjoy our music face-to-face, and have a conversation and jam with them. It feels really different. It’s awesome, thank you so much for this,” lead guitarist Erwin “Armo” Armovit said.

The two lucky wishers, who both had their unforgettable jam and chat with the band, are looking forward to the OPM act’s new diverging music. Sponge Cola is offering new tunes via their double EP, “Sinag + Tala,” released under Universal Records.

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