Wish To Know: The Wish 107.5 Music Awards as a Charitable Event

Jan 1, 2018

Did you know that the Wish 107.5 Music Awards is also a charitable event?


Since the 1st WMA, a total of Php 2.75M was already given to major category winners and their chosen beneficiaries!



The winners receive Php 25,000, while their respective charitable groups are granted with Php 100,000.


During WMA’s inaugural year held on January 26, 2016, almost Php 1.4 million was given to both winners and their chosen charitable institutions. The same amount was doled out during the 2nd WMA held on January 16, 2017.


The Wish Music Awards is a one-of-a-kind award-giving body hosted by Wish 107.5. It aims to recognize local and international artists while staying true to the radio station’s goal of granting wishes and charitable donations.

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