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Aiza ‘Ice’ Seguerra sings still-unreleased original ‘Ikaw Lang’ live on Wish 107.5 Bus


Posted 15 hours ago

Aiza "Ice" Seguerra sings an emotion-stirring performance of his still-unreleased original "Ikaw Lang" live on the Wish 107.5 Bus

A Stellar Night with Incubus

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Posted 18 hours ago

More often than not, stars are elusive when you’re in the metropolis. The evening sky last Saturday, February 17, wasn’t an exception.   But with...

Wishpers of Love: I was contented with loving you from afar

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Posted 19 hours ago

We accidentally bumped into each other the other week. Since I first realized I am falling for you, that was the first time I stood...

The Road to Stardom: Wishcovery’s Top 5 Wishfuls Revealed

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Posted 1 day ago

After over five months of fierce sing-offs, all five slots in Wishcovery’s grand finals are now taken!   Wishcovery (Your Road To Stardom Starts Here!)...

Wishpers of Love: It’s alright to forgive yourself

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Posted 2 days ago

Doctor Clark, I’ve been wanting to write a wishper for a long time now, but could not find the right words. But here goes… I...