Featured Wishers: February 27 – March 3, 2017

Posted on: March 6th, 2017


Winners of WISHclusive gift items:

Mary Grace Doke
Wissam Sarrat
Katelyn Diwa
Allan Nicanor
Warr Barroga
Kristine Kay Escanan
Mylene Adalid
Felix Matthew Meimban
Jayvee Bargo
Michael Miranda
Arya Thapa
Yolanda Dela Rosa
Andrelle Sean
Donita Rose Sagum
TJ Velasco
Charvy Hufala
Bernadeth Bermudez
JR De Guzman
Jojo Dioquino
Sam Zeta
Ceezis Gopez
Jemerson Gomez
Michael Rallos
Cristine Joy Catacutan
Jay Ar Ngalongalo
Anthony Gene Villamor
Jasper Raqutan
Maria Rollee Joy
Willa Lovino
Hera Athena Escarsa
Norbie Vazquez
Paulo Hernandez
Junwey Catamora
Kat Ranada
Jolina Titoy
Hannah Eva
Josefino Sapinoso
Merje Soriano
Jane Felicitas
Marco Marque
Cheradee Dacuba
Riki De Luna
Nervyll De Guzman
Maricel Agus
Julius Bautista
Reister Tusi
Jovelyn Olver
Erica Atillano
Dazelyn Biscocho


  • As a featured Wisher, you are qualified to claim WISHclusive gift items from Wish 107.5.
  • Simply send the following information to our textline (09493623333): name, address and birthday.
  • You will have a grace period of one week upon the announcement of your Wish to contact the station, otherwise, your chance to claim your prize will be forfeited.

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