‘Ako si Josephine’: A Musical with a Heart

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Posted on: October 5th, 2016

“Ako si Josephine” is a musical treat to OPM fans as it features the well-loved hits of pop rock star Yeng Constantino.

The musical, which opened last September 8 and will run until October 9 at the PETA Theater, was created by the same talented people behind “Rak of Aegis” namely Maribel Legarda (director) Liza Magtoto (playwright) and Myke Salomon (musical director – arranger).

The play happens in Allegra, a place where love songs aren’t allowed and is headed by Monotomia, who commands everyone to only create HYP (Happy Youthful Purposeful) music.

Josephine, together with her boss Chinito and other workers followed the rules of Monotomia, and became money making machines for the Musiconomy, despite having heavy hearts.

The situation didn’t stop Josephine to create music that will touch the heart. Secretly, she, along with her boss Chinito and her friends, composed a love song. They shared it to everyone and it changed the perception of the people in Allegra.

In the end, Monotomia revealed her sad past and shared that it is her boss Konduktor who is ultimately benefiting from HYP music.

The critically-acclaimed show¬†teaches that good music is not meant to be created for monetary purposes, it should be crafted because of a more important reason — to move hearts, touch lives and spread love. And the songs of Yeng, born Josephine Constantino, do just that.

Having witnesses "Ako Si Josephine" was indeed a fantastic evening of music for yours truly and fellow Wish jock, Alice.

Having witnessed “Ako Si Josephine” was indeed a fantastic evening of music for yours truly and fellow Wish jock, Alice.

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