A Child in a Six-Foot Frame

Jan 12, 2018
A brown-skinned dude, standing six-feet-flat, weighing 230 lbs., with a massive frame, and sporting scruffy facial hair. I know. You might have pictured a beast. Probably a wanna-be male sovereign who thinks highly of himself. Perhaps, a stud who imposes dominance of either physical or mental power over an inferior individual or object. Well, the physical descriptions I’ve given out pertain to me but I am a hundred percent sure that the latter illustration nowhere near describes who I really am. You see, a person’s appearance does not always conform to the pre-judgments society. I am more of a teddy bear than a grizzly bear. I am actually the opposite of a wolf in sheep’s clothing as I am a sheep in a big (fat) wolf’s clothing.


I know you’ve heard my catchphrase “tall, dark, and happy” multiple times and I just want to share with you that it’s only a comic representation of my breaking the status quo. It’s a way of saying that rather than zeroing-in on my physical attributes, I am banking on my positive outlook and all-out good vibes. I am sorta like a man-child, actually. I am vocal about expressing my gratitude towards people and my somewhat low self-esteem brings about my being apologetic. I don’t think people are ready for a gentleman in his quarter life showcasing these attributes but this is just really who I am. I fan-boy over the simplest stuff and I say sorry for the pettiest of mistakes. Furthermore, certain movies and songs make me cry, I get easily attached to new friends like a kindergartener in recess, I enjoy cartoons, I find satisfaction in kiddie-meals, and I’m a mama’s boy. But then again, these bullet points don’t make me a lesser person.


I lengthen the challenge to you wishers. I know it is tough to do, but please just embrace and accept your entire being. For as long as you are comfortable in your own skin and you are certain that you are not stepping over anyone, you should be all right. You could care less of whatever people might say. You don’t have to please everybody. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Just continue to play the game fairly and stick to your principles.


Again, this is Adam, at peace in being obese, requesting you to keep on wishing, and keep it locked on Wish 1075.

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