Jan 5, 2018

When you’ve been hurt  countless times, and your heart has been broken over and over, it’ll be hard for you to let someone in again.


You’d start to think that every wonderful start is bound to end sooner. You start to become cynical about love. Love becomes a work of fiction for you. Something that only happens in books, films and a person’s wild imagination and fake illusions.


I wrote this piece one gloomy afternoon, when the traffic was really bad. I realized that saying goodbye becomes easier when you’ve been used to relationships that don’t last.




It’s so easy for her
To say goodbye
Her thoughts you can’t decipher
One day she stays, the next she flies


Nothing is permanent
Forever is an illusion you make
She always waits for the end
And never puts her heart at stake


Better safe than sorry
She used to give her all
What she got was a broken story
So she made a promise to never again fall


– Faye 🌷

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