Dec 15, 2017

Here are the words I’ve always wanted to say

In your head I want them to replay

You want to know why I stay?

I’m still wishing you’ll change your ways

Three years stuck in this endless maze

Lost in your light and wondrous haze

You might say that this is just a phase

But why do I always find myself in this place?

While my love for you will always remain

Tired hearts can only take so much pain

Why is it that I always get the blame?

All I ever wanted was a look my way

I don’t know how much longer I can take

In another I look to ease the ache

Please think of me before I break

Or I’ll be gone before you wake


Author’s note: Hiraeth is a Welsh word without a direct English translation— means a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was. 

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