Just In Case

Dec 11, 2017

Hi, Wishers! It’s me again, Faye! Your date / nurse every night.


I appreciate from the bottom of my heart every story sent to me. It helps me to gain new learnings from your experiences. It widens my understanding towards life. It makes me more sensitive to people’s feelings and emotions.


Writing, a great medium to express what you feel. Let me share a little something about myself. Writing is my second love. Music is first. I started writing poems when I was 12. It was because of a crush. Funny, I know. Since then, I never stopped. But I can’t write when I’m happy. I need a certain amount of sadness and melancholy to be inspired to write.


Let me share a current piece that I wrote. Para to sa mga taong patuloy na umaasa at naghihintay sa pagbabalik ng taong mahal niya. 


Just In Case

My mind is tired
But I can’t sleep
My heart is wired
From the sadness it keeps

I held your hand
It was cold, just like how you are to me
Still I smiled, pretended we were grand
We’re nearing the end of this story

I wrote every page with so much love
Every chapter was full of confessions
“I want you and you’re all I have”
But we weren’t on the same page all along

I asked for a comma, a pause, don’t go yet
But you wrote a period, a stop, you left
The story is over
But I’m keeping a chapter
Writing a comma at the end
Just in case you want to come back and love me again

Faye ?

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