Mixed It Up: ‘In The Mix’ Review

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Posted on: August 23rd, 2016
“In The Mix” Review by DJ Alice


“In The Mix,” one of 2016’s most-awaited music festivals, was held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last August 18. It showcased solid performances by well-loved international artists (Panic! At The Disco, Third Eye Blind, James Bay and The 1975) and up and coming acts (Elle King and Twin Peaks).

“In The Mix” mixed it up and challenged the definition of music festivals as it was staged in an arena instead of an open area. It also featured a wide array of performers with very different genres and musical styles. Here’s a glimpse of how the performances of my top three acts of the night went on:

Panic! At The Disco


It was nothing short of a riot. Hands down one of the wildest sets I’ve ever witnessed. I was surprised to know that their music isn’t as rock as I thought it would be. I would like to give a special commendation to frontman Brendon Urie for putting a theatrical twist to their set through his stylized vocals, powerful falsettos and breath-hitching on-stage stunts. They were truly “victorious” in putting on a spectacular show.

James Bay


James Bay was really into it that night. As he got lost in performing, the audience got lost in his soothing voice, meaningful lyrics and unique melodies. Seeing his passion for the craft coupled with the emotion he conveys through his music reminded me how to feel. I am looking forward to watch another show of his and know all the words to them when he comes back.

The 1975
This is the third time the band has visited the country and it’s no wonder why Filipino fans always want for them to come back. I had to distance myself from the crowd to admire the production. The striking lights in itself was already a feast for the eyes, but coupled with frontman Matty Healy’s one-of-a-kind voice, the band’s trippy melodies and their well-planned setlist, it was one indescribable experience. No words will give justice to the calming euphoria that The 1975 brought.

That night, I truly understood the meaning of the word euphoria. It has been defined as “an affective state and a form of pleasure in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, happiness, and excitement”.

I know that music festivals are usually linked to and motivates recreational use of addictive euphoric substances. But that special evening was a testament to the fact that people can have good clean fun and get a high from the beautiful art form that is music.

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