My Favorite Song

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Posted on: August 2nd, 2016

My Favorite Song (You❤️)

**Do you want to get closer to the one that your heart adores? Hmm.. Let music help you. 🙂

I get tongue tied when you’re near
The loud beat of my heart is all I can hear
I’m lost for words
My mind is screaming “I like you”, haven’t you heard

I want to take things slow
Wherever you go, I’ll follow
You are the sweet melody that my soul is singing
I thought I was numb, but you gave me a new reason for living

I’m gathering enough courage
I’m falling for you, I’m on the edge
I have nothing but a piece of paper
With the notes of my soul written all over

I wrote a song for you
A confession of my love, every line is true
There might be flat notes along the way
But just like music, I will stay


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