My Guitar Man

Wish Jock Post

Posted on: July 26th, 2016

You play the guitar with so much gusto
Once you strum the strings, the passion overflows
You connect with the world through your music
You make everyone’s heart tick

You sway your body with every beat and melody
You let every note flow in your veins freely
You close your eyes as you smile happily
While sharing the music of your soul to everybody

You glisten in sweat after a performance
It seems like you’re floating, like in trance
Your trusty guitar is your partner while you dance
To the tune of your heart that’s asking for a chance

*Musicians touch your soul with the music they play. They relate to you like they know what lies deep within your heart. Their music serves as a medicine to your tired and weary mind. They make you feel that you’re not alone and someone understands.

Sometimes, they also make you fall in love.❤️

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