The Power of Music

Dec 4, 2017

The dictionary defines music as “any vocal or instrumental sound (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.”


On a personal note, though, I believe that music is powerful beyond measure — it is not limited within the bounds of any dictionary’s definition nor any other experts’ opinion.


Music goes way beyond its recreational impact. It’s more than just sound. And among all the scientific benefits it gives, let’s zero-in on how it helps people deal with problems and how it ultimately reduces depression.


When your back’s against the wall and all odds are against you, you could simply turn to music and make it your refuge. A song’s joyous melody can cheer you up even amidst traffic. You can also draw motivation from the loop or a chorus of an inspirational track. The list goes on and on.


You could be bummed out and pissed off by circumstances at work all week but party songs could make you dance like a fool on a Friday evening. And that’s not a bad thing at all. That’s how powerful music is.


Whether it is a problem concerning heartbreak, career disappointment, financial setback, fatigue, or even mere pessimism, there’s something about music that keeps you going. Let’s use science to further explain it.


A certain research proved that when you listen to music that you like, your brain releases “dopamine,” a “feel-good” neurotransmitter. Furthermore, a neurologist named Oliver Sacks said that “music imprints itself on the human brain deeper than any other human experience.” Both validate how music could positively affect us.


In this light, I think, it would be better to not play “hugot” tracks when you’re down and weary. Turn on upbeat, positive, and raise-the-roof-kind-of-stuff to uplift your spirit. It will always come down to the power that we give music.


A piece of advice, if ever you’re stressed out and consumed by the thought of traffic and loads of tasks to be done in the office, plug in your headphones with a smile, and play some Bill Withers! “Lovely Day” is my go-to-work-anthem!


Imagine seeing me nod my head to it while grooving my body a little as I walk toward that very cold Wish FM booth — what a sight to see, huh — a grown man dancing his way to work. But that’s how I am. I’m not dubbed “tall, dark, and happy” for nothing.


Virtual hug and high five, Wishers!


Catch me from midnight until the crack of dawn every Monday to Saturday! This is Adam from Moonlight Wishes!

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