Triple H: How Humor, Humility, and Hard Work Can Help You Get Up From Rock Bottom

Dec 18, 2017
Life isn’t always in our favor. Most of the time, the more it sees our weaknesses, the more it beats us down to our knees. It sucks the energy out of us. But there are three simple keys to help you get up from rock bottom and get you over the hump of negativity:


1. Humor


Laughing off the problem is the easiest most harmless way of dealing with it. According to a psychologist, humor helps place crisis in perspective and helps to make the crisis more manageable. So when failure or misfortune is staring at you in the face, don’t be too serious, try to look at things in a more playful manner.


A humorous point of view can always do magic. It will diffuse the tension and you can lay out a game plan more freely. Not worrying too much is a good strategy alongside being humorous as well. If you don’t whine about the magnitude of the problem, it’s going to take some of the load off your back and you’ll be able to attack the problem head on with a smirk. As cliche as it may sound, but laughter, really, is the best medicine.


On a lighter note, I remember coughing on air with the mic on. I also had a number of buckles and mispronunciations. I just made fun of myself and tried to laugh it all off. Not only did I ease my mood after those errors, I think I’ve also broken down barriers with the listeners because I made them feel that I am human. That they have an actual wee hour companion who breathes, feels, and commits mistakes.


Gentle reminder though, it is healthy to direct a well-timed joke towards yourself, but you have to be careful in directing it to a third person going through a problem as it may be deemed as insensitive humor.


2. Humility


Radiating true humility is a gift. When you are in your rock bottom and you are held back by countless criticisms and negativity around you, humility will ease the road back to greatness. It is like a shock absorber. Judgment, rejection, and critique will always hurt a person with high-self-pride but will never even make a humble-quiet-ego flinch. That’s the beauty of it. If you possess humility, you will understand that the room for improvement is limitless and you will constantly see yourself as a student of the game. Having low self-regard is key for continuous growth.


Personally, I think humility sparks progress because acknowledging your weak points will ultimately lead to your self-upgrade. Moreover, it is also beneficial to the people around you who may be dealing with crisis as well. It breaks down walls because it eliminates judgment. It makes the people around you feel that they are seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. Humility can take you to places, man. Sit down and be humble!


3. Hard Work


You can never go wrong with working hard. Looking up to famous athletes and artists, I have learned that you have to be insanely dedicated to your craft. You have to be a little bit gone. You have to let the pursuit own you a little. Give it power as it fuels you back. Be relentless in your journey. Be all out and give it your all. That’s what I applied when I was literally a bum because I’ve given everything up for this spot on the airwaves.


Aside from working hard for it, I learned ow to work smart. Instead of sour-graping about the lows of the industry, I zeroed-in on improving myself. Do not be afraid to press the reset button. Dedicate countless hours to hone your utmost potentials. Lay out blood, sweat, and tears if you must. It’s called grit, baby. Grit to me is hard work infused with strength in character and power of will. Just go for broke! You gotta risk everything in an all-out effort.


Whatever you are going through right now wishers, just apply Triple H. With humor, humility and hard work, visualize yourself beyond ordinary. You will definitely pull through. You got this! High Five!


-DJ Adam

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