Trying To Get That ‘Prom Night’ Feeling Again With David Pomeranz

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Posted on: February 22nd, 2017

There is no better way to bring back and trigger countless memories than through music. Think of a specific person, experience or event– it’s likely that you would be able to associate it with a song.

Think your high school Prom Night for example, one of the songs that would pop up in your head if you were a teenager back in the 80s or 90s will probably be the iconic prom staples, “King And Queen Of Hearts” and “Got To Believe In Magic” performed by the equally iconic singer-songwriter David Pomeranz.

Pomeranz’s old songs seem to still have their magic and he proved that he is still the king of any love song-loving heart last February 14 in Prom Night with David Pomeranz. The setting (Manila Hotel Tent) was intimate and decorated like an actual prom complete with dim lighting, fancy draping and of course with some refreshments.

Dressed to the nines, Pomeranz first thanked his special guests for the evening the Vox Humana band, up-and-coming singer Stephanie Lhui and Mr. Kupido singer-actress Rachel Alejandro, who set the mood for the night before he took to the stage and tried to bring back nostalgic feelings again with renditions of songs from his long list of hits like “If You Walked Away” and his take on the Barry Manilow’s “Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again” and “The Old Songs” that he penned. It’s safe to say that his songs have become soundtracks of our lives, with us, whether we like it or not, during the simplest of acts up until our most memorable milestones — Not just Prom Night but also day in which we tie the knot, before performing the wedding anthem “On This Day,” Pomeranz let the crowd in on a little secret, saying:

“I wrote this song with a buddy of mine called Jim Peterik, who is a great writer who wrote ‘Eye of The Tiger’ and ‘The Search is Over.’ One day, we were having lunch in Los Angeles, and we wanted to write a love song. It was a fish restaurant, and the menu was put in front of us and it said, ‘ON THIS DAY: FRIED COD.’ I said to Jim, ‘Look on your menu, look at the title, and he went ‘Oh,’ and we went out to the parking lot and wrote the song. People thought this song was about marriage when it’s really just about fish.”

After the laughs and before the first bars of the song, Pomeranz invited the crowd to make their way to the then lit dance floor and encouraged everyone to slow dance with the king or queen of their hearts while enveloped in a sky of stars projected by disco balls. He then capped of his set with the perpetual theme song “Born For You” much to the delight of the lovestruck Valentine’s audience who sang along to every lyric. The 66 year-old singer then gave his final goodbyes but delightedly reemerged a few minutes later to render a really unexpected encore, kicking off what would be an “after-party” of sorts showing of his rock influence and drumming skills with a cover of Van Halen’s “Jump”.

Jumping to the year 2017, David Pomeranz’s music still hits right in the feels. Times might have changed as well as trends in music, we might not look as young as we did before, but there is one thing that won’t change, that is our memories. How we felt, what we felt and what we now continue to feel.

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