What is love for you?

Nov 27, 2017

What is love for you?


Love, a short word yet gives you a strong impact and long hours of wishful thinking. But what is it really?


Let me share the things I learned about love from the past twenty something years of my existence.


1. Love, is it the butterflies in your tummy when you see someone you like? Is it cold hands and trembling knees? Is it stuttering in front of your crush? I don’t think so. Love is more than those things. Love is not just a feeling. Love is a commitment you make. It’s choosing to stay despite the hard times. It’s seeing someone at her best during her weakest moments. It’s accepting someone’s weaknesses and shortcomings. It’s sacrificing your own happiness for someone’s own. It’s wishing someone the best even if it means letting her go.


2. Love, so many things come to your mind when you hear that word. Your family. Your friends. Your special someone. Your job. Your pets. Your passion. The list goes on. Love is everything that matters to you. It’s striving to be your best not for yourself but for the people you care about. It’s sweat, blood, tears and limitless dedication. It’s empathy and concern to your surrounding. Love is thinking of yourself less and being present for others more.


3. Love is never and will never be perfect. It’s messy, challenging, tiring and overwhelming. Lots of times you just want to give up on it and go back to your old life, when you were still single and carefree. But you choose to hold on. You give it another chance. You try again. You wipe your tears away. You sew together your heart’s broken parts. Why? Because those imperfections are what make love worth it.


That’s love for me. How about you, Wishers? You can share your insights on my show Wishpers of Love. I promise to listen and be your bestfriend!




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