10 Times Parokya ni Edgar Captured our Hearts with Their Uber Relatable Songs

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Posted on: October 20th, 2016

Parokya ni Edgar has a song for almost every story of our lives. With their every release —  from playful tunes and parodies giving comedic relief to pop rock and alternative tracks narrating relatable themes (may it be romance or friendship) — the band never fails to tickle the heart of their fans.

The group’s two-decade music has been the anthem of many Filipinos. And not one to rest on their unmatched achievements, they recently released their ninth album, “Pogi Years Old.”

As much as we are stoked to hear new music, it is but also timely to look back on Parokya’s earlier hits. Here we compiled some of the most catchy lines from the well-loved OPM act.


Puno ang langit ng bituin
At kay lamig pa ng hangin
Sa’yong tingin ako’y nababaliw giliw
At sa awitin kong ito
Sana’y maibigan mo
Binubuhos ko ang buong puso ko
Sa isang munting harana
Para sa’yo

Harana is one of the most romantic OPM songs from a Filipino band. A famed track from their 1997 album, Buruguduystunstugudunstuy, the tune is one of those modern-day kundiman’s that  is bound to be timeless. Every time we hear those familiar guitar chords and Chito Miranda’s signature vocals singing poetic lines, it’s hard for our hearts to not skip a beat.

Para Sa’yo

Pero para sa’yo
Ako’y magbabago
Kahit mahirap
Kakayanin ko

Parokya’s ever-admirable brand of cheesiness is once again channeled out in this cut from their Halina sa Parokya record. The teleserye-reminiscent theme of the song (a crazy, bad boy singing his heart out and changing it all for love) makes this track just as catchy as any other songs from the group.


Ang regalo mo’y naubos ko nang di ko nalalaman
Parang tiwala pag naubos na
Bigla biglaan talaga
Mahirap nang makita
Kapag minsa’y nawala…

Tsokolate is for those who have fallen in love but then have been painfully betrayed. The song hits our hearts right at the core as it deals with distrust in a relationship. Who would ever dare use chocolate (a favorite anti-depression treat)  to tell a story about losing one’s trust for his/her special someone? Only few acts can, and Parokya is bold and creative enough to introduce such song.


Hoy Buloy
Nasaan ka man
Siguradong di ka naming malilimutan

Inspired by a real person with the same name, the song is the 8th track from the band’s debut album Khangkhungkherrnitz, which was released in 1996.

According to the band, the song was not a true story way back then;  Buloy even appeared in the music video. However, unfortunately, the rather melancholic and nostalgic track found its way to reality when Buloy ended his life due to some personal problems.


Ang dami-dami naman diyang iba
Wag kang mangangambang baka wala ka nang ibang makita
Na lalake na magmamahal sayo
At hinding-hindi niya sasayangin ang pag-ibig mo…

Halaga is a diary-like song of an invisible third wheel. The heartbreaking track from Gulong Itlog Gulong (1999) was penned by Chito, as inspired by his girlfriend’s roommate. According to the Parokya frontman, he wanted her to realize the she deserves to be valued and be loved genuinely.

Pangarap Lang Kita

At kahit mahal kita
Wala akong magagawa
Tanggap ko ‘to aking sinta
Pangarap lang kita

If you ever had a one-sided love story, this is the perfect theme song for you.

Pangarap Lang Kita is a sweet-sounding yet heartbreaking track from the band’s Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers album.  The song was playfully written by Chito in his desire to meet the cute Chinese girl his sound engineer Dom kept mentioning.


Hahayaan na lang sila
Magkandarapa na manligaw sayo
Idadaan na lang kita sa awiting ito
Sabay ang tugtog ng gitara
Idadaan na lang sa gitara

So, you’re a torpe who is madly in love? Then you can surely relate to this 2005 Parokya jam!  What’s so romantic about this track is its honesty — the boy admires someone out of his reach and all he can do is turn to his music, his solace where he can pour out all his frustrations about love and romance.

The easy-listening guitar playing, Chito’s heartwarming vocals and heart-tugging lines — sounds perfect, right?

Maniwala ka Sana

Minamahal kita! Ba’t  di ka maniwala?
Anong kailangan kong gawin upang seryosohin mo
Ang aking sinasabi tungkol sa pag-ibig ko sa’yo?
Maniwala ka sana, minamahal kita!

Born out of Chito’s Miranda’s real life experiences in college when he started to develop feelings for a close friend, the song was released as a track from the band’s first studio album. This cut is one proof that Parokya’s songwriting game (talk about being straightforward) is a legacy they would want their band to be known for.

Wag Mo na Sana

Wag mo na sana akong pahirapan pa
ung ayaw mo sa akin ay sabihin mo na
Wag mo na sana akong ipaasa sa wala
Oo na mahal na kung mahal kita

From the band’s 1999 album Gulong Itlog Gulong, Wag Mo na Sana is a cover of Frasco’s “Oo na Mahal na kung Mahal Kita”, a soundtrack of the movie of the same title. The song is a shout-out to all the ladies who always leave their admirers in the haze (read: paasa).

Alumni Homecoming

Bakit ko ba pinabayaan
Mawala nang di inaasahan
Parang nasayang lang

Alumni Homecoming is actually a memorialization of lead guitarist Darius’ sad love story about his high school crush. Told during the band’s travel back home after an out-of-town-gig, the regret-filled narration birthed to one of the most popular tracks from Parokya’s 6th studio album, Bigotilyo.

Bonus: Lagi Mong Tatandaan

Lagi mong tatandaan na pag umibig ang isang lalake
Ay handa itong hamakin ang lahat
Gagawin ang lahat ng paraan upang makamtam ka
At hindi niya kakayanin na ika’y mawala sa kaniya

Lagi Mong Tatandaan is the carrier single of Parokya’s newest album. According to the band, the song is dedicated to those who keep on defending the love they know they should not, to those who can’t let go and to those who have been taken for granted.

Just a warning, this latest LSS-worthy track from the boys could hit you painfully hard because of the truth it candidly conveys.

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