The Top 10 Songs Every Pinoy Fan of Liam Gallagher Wishes to Hear

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Posted on: August 13th, 2017

If you’re a certified ‘90s rock fan from Manila, then rock superstar Liam Gallagher’s Manila concert should be on top of your musical wish list this August!


The 44-year-old former Oasis frontman will be bringing his brilliant BritPop talent straight to the Philippines’ Mall of Asia Arena for the first time come August 14, 2017.


And in celebration of this momentous rock event (not to mention the amazing English rockstar’s unique singing style), we’re counting down the top ten songs every Pinoy fan of Liam Gallagher wishes to hear on his Manila tour setlist!


10. Don’t Look Back in Anger

Though this song was originally performed with Noel Gallagher as the lead vocalist, Filipino fans of Oasis are still hoping that Liam will perform this hit on his Manila concert!


Fun fact: The final episode of one of Britain’s greatest drama series “Our Friends In The North” ended with the perfect song to wrap up the series — Don’t Look Back in Anger.


Incidentally, the song was on top of the charts the week the final episode was aired.


This year, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” served as Manchester’s fitting anthem of resilience as Mancunians sang the song as one despite the horrific ordeal that rocked the country.


The spontaneous and emotional singing happened after a nationwide minute of silence in honor of the 22 people killed during the Manchester bombing.




9. Stop Crying Your Heart Out

The iconic single provided a welcome feeling of appeasement for English soccer fans, as their team spiraled out of the 2002 World Cup to Brazil. They made like the song title despite the collective soccer-fueled heartbreak.


Not only did this song provide much-needed comfort to Brit soccer aficionados, but it also provided a haunting musical backdrop for the sci-fi hit movie “The Butterfly Effect”. Remember that final scene wherein Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart pass by each other in crowded city street? Complete chills.


8. Supersonic

With a few seconds shy of being a five-minute track (17 seconds to be exact), it’s considered to be on the lengthier side — even for a rock song.


The band members have been known to be big fans of the brilliant Beatles, and they pay tribute to the legendary band with a Beatles’ song reference in Supersonic:


“Can I ride with you in your BMW?
You can sail with me in my yellow submarine”


7. Champagne Supernova

“The Modfather” himself, Mr. Paul Weller of legendary English punk rock/mod revival/new wave act The Jam, had a very special participation in this hit rock song.


Not only did he provide backing vocals to Liam’s amazing lead vocals on the song, but please do check out his awesome guitar solo in the song, too. Crank up the volume, and appreciate Paul Weller’s impressive skills. You can thank us later.




6. Stand By Me

This second single released from the Oasis’ third album “Be Here Now,” hit the 44th spot in the UK charts for the end of the year 1997.


Though minimally-performed in their tours, Liam’s live rendition of the song is available to hear on the group’s first live album “Familiar to Millions,” which was recorded at Wembley Stadium and got 57,000 copies sold in just its pilot week.


Include its music video to your watchlist and prove for yourself that Oasis is heavily-inspired by the ‘60s English most influential act of the rock age, “The Beatles,” — a vivid reason why Pinoy fans really love to hear Liam.


5. The Roller

After Oasis had disbanded, the remaining members decided to continue making music together by forming their latest alternative rock group “Beady Eye” in 2009.


Liam’s post-Oasis band released this as a digital single in 2011, peaking at number 31 in UK’s Top 40 singles.


In a talk with Spin magazine, Liam sees the song as a “metaphor for how things are thrown at you in life, and how they aren’t as bad as they seem.”


4. Chinatown

The Manchester-born music star pays another tribute to his terror-stricken hometown with “Chinatown,” the second single off his upcoming debut solo record. In the contemplative single’s music video, a pensive Liam is seen standing next to a wall with a graffiti of the words “We Stand United with Manchester,” strolling down London streets, and passing by landmarks including the titular district and the Big Ben.


The guitar-driven song has already captivated many of Liam’s listeners as it reveals the artist’s softer side — visually and acoustically.



3. Live Forever

The optimistic ballad was penned by Noel, and helped him convince Liam to let him join the band Oasis. This is Liam’s favorite Oasis song, according to a 2008 interview with Q magazine.


The song’s lyrics, which goes:

“Maybe I don’t really want to know
How your garden grows
Cause I just want to fly”


Is a tribute to the Gallaghers’ mother, who absolutely loved gardening.



2. I Am The Walrus

The John Lennon-penned track was the first song that the Beatles recorded after the death of Brian Epstein, an esteemed music entrepreneur who managed the Fab Four.


The intriguing ‘60s Beatle hit, which has been part of Oasis’ concert/gig repertoire since their formative years, is a memorable part of the band’s celebrated career. It was the song that wrapped up what would be their last live performance as a group — during the 2009 V Festival held in Staffordshire, England.


And just in case you’re wondering what occupies the top of our list…




1. Wonderwall

The 1995 Oasis anthem is one of the band’s most recognized tunes in the Philippines.


The track is popular for its hooking chorus that has left many fascinated — just where did the whole “You’re my wonderwall” idea or phrase come from? It has also earned the band a number of accolades, including the 1996 Brit Awards’ Best British Video.


In March 2016, “Wonderwall” was further voted as the greatest British song of all time according to a poll helmed by Radio X, a London-based commercial radio station.


The track has been covered by a number of artists, including singer/songwriter Ryan Adams. Filipino singer/actor Khalil Ramos also gave his own spin to the song during his guesting on Wish 107.5’s radio program,”Roadshow.”



This wish list might not be able to include all of the hits brought to life by Liam’s iconic voice, but it all boils down to one ultimate dream that needs to be fulfilled — to finally let Manila see the rock and roll star conquer the stage!


“Liam Gallagher: Live in Manila” is happening this August 14, Monday, at the Mall of Asia Arena. The highly-anticipated concert is presented by Ovation Productions.


(Photo courtesy of Ovation Productions)

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