2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards: Reactors Speak

Posted on: January 18th, 2017 - 3 Comments

For the sophomore year of its music awards, Wish 107.5 gave voice to the community of YouTube reactors through launching the first Wish Reactors’ Choice award. These netizens, who laud both the concept of a mobile FM station and the musicality of the country’s homegrown talents, are hailed significant in proving that indeed the station has become a WISHclusive gateway of Filipino acts to the world. Apart from giving their votes on whose WISHclusive video deserves to get this special recognition, they also sent heartwarming messages about Wish 107.5.

Dylan Will Not Participate
“…I loved the idea of the Wish bus —  putting a singer on a moving bus, engaging with the community. And it goes to prove that you don’t need a huge stage, and a bunch of instruments, and a big flashy show in order to make good music. ”

“There are three reasons why I love Wish 107.5. Number one is the unbelievable talent that we get to see across the channel. Number two is the exceptional sound quality that we get to feel right into our heart and soul. And number three — it’s an incredible platform for artist to showcase their talent across the world.”

“Just wanted to wish the entire family at Wish 107.5  a very wonderful awards show. And I definitely want to thank all the artists that have made our year quite interesting. We’re so looking forward to hear from some more artists. We reactors love you, [and] thank you so much for everything that you do — it’s very entertaining.”

“I just wanted to give a big shout out to the coolest radio station on wheels, Wish 107.5. Thank you so much for allowing [us] to be part of the wish family. I truly do love and enjoy what you guys do. I may live here in California, however it’s the Wish FM that I get to enjoy the sound of the Philippines. So I wish you all continuous success for many more years to come. To all my Wish family out there, I love you.”

“What’s great about the Wish FM 107.5 YouTube Channel is that foreigners like us who aren’t in the Philippines, we get to benefit from these live amazing performances on the Wish bus. You Filipinos should be proud of them, and you know they [Wish] give opportunity to Filipino artists to be broadcasted worldwide. It’s a great platform for emerging artists, it’s a great platform for established artists, and it really is a portal to the world, this YouTube channel.  And we discovered so many great artists through the Wish FM YouTube channel.”

“Wish posts some of the best quality covers and live performances that I’ve ever seen anywhere on YouTube. And if it wasn’t for Wish I wouldn’t know who my most favorite artists are. So I really appreciate them showcasing so many Filipino talents on their YouTube channel. As someone who loves music, I love Wish 107.5 and I’m so grateful that they are around. All of that being said, I am so excited to see what the future holds for Wish 107.5.”

“It is so cool for us as reactors to be able to actually take part in something as special as this. Being in America, a lot of these artists we have never seen before and it has blown our minds how talented [they] are. And we would have never known, had it not been for Wish FM. We have become wishers and we’re so excited to be able to react to all the amazing artists there and all the ones we will see in the future.”

“My name is Achilles from AchillesReacts on YouTube channel where I react to some of the best Wish 107.5 videos that I found amazing. [The channel touched] my life and I found some great musicians that I would hold on to for the rest of my life.”

“People said that we fall in love once, right? [But it] is not [the] case for me, I mean, I’ve been in love many times and I’m serious. I fall in love every single time I watch Wishclusive videos — [they’re] just amazing. It’s one of my favorite Youtube channels right now.”

Rachel Ashley
“Wish 107.5 has the best music, the best covers, and also the best artists. Trust me, I would know. I reacted to a lot of them. “

Petra Reacts
“I’m Petra! I’m from Sweden and just want to give you my overall reaction when I’m watching Wish 107.5 channel on YouTube. No really, I love Wish because I think they always portray real talents, real hard workers, and real people who just do what they love, which is very important in this work.”

Mr. Zimanik
“I love you guys since I found your channel. I fell in love with all these Filipino artists, and it’s all because of you guys and I love your work. I love how you guys are really pushing these artists out there in the world. I wish you guys all the best and all the success in the world…”

3 Responses

  1. remy castroverde says:

    Thank you wish fm 1075. More artist to feature. Our prayers for ur continued success. To God be the glory

  2. Ramon Zamuco, Jr. says:

    I’m grateful for Wish Fm 107.5 for giving a great platform for our Filipino artists. More power in the years to come. You conquered the world. Bravo!!!

  3. JamesB says:

    Wish pa more! Even though im far away from my native land, Wish 107.5 Youtube Channel helps me feel like i never left home. Thanks for bringing the artists of Filipino talent for the whole world to see! Whoever is the brainchild of this Music In A Bus concept is an outright genius! Thanks Wish 107.5!

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