WISHclusive Elite Circle: Two WISHclusives from Michael Pangilinan hit 10M views

Posted on: February 9th, 2017

Crooner Michael Pangilinan has made the rounds online with his series of WISHclusive videos that are nothing short of exceptional. Now, two of these performances have already surpassed the 10-million-view ceiling, making him qualified to earn two slots in the prestigious WISHclusive Elite Circle.

Coinciding with the 2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards held last January 16, the station launched the WISHclusive Elite Circle, which is an exclusive group of artists whose videos have garnered at least 10 million YouTube hits.

Based on the number of YouTube views every year-end, an artist can receive the following awards:

Bronze, if the video has garnered 10 million views
Silver, if the video has garnered 25 million views
Gold, if the video has garnered 50 million views
Platinum, if the video has garnered 75 million views
Diamond, if the video has garnered 100 million views

The inaugural members of the circle are Bronze awardees Morissette (“Secret Love Song,” “Against All Odds”), Darren Espanto (“Chandelier”) and Bugoy Drilon (“One Day”).

Meanwhile, Morissette is currently on her way to earn a Silver award for her “Secret Love Song,” which has already raked in 24.9 million views as of writing . Her “Chandelier” cover has also reached over 10 million views.

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You’ve got until December 31 to help them earn the highest citations given in the Wish 107.5 Music Awards!

2 Responses

  1. julian says:

    pwede?c michael pangilinan kumanta nung ALL I ASK?by adele..
    i think itll be soulfully sang by him…feel ko im not a fan of him..but he did catch my attention..tnx poh

  2. Candy de guzman says:

    I love Michael Pangilinan such a loving voice you have :*