The Wish 107.5 Music Awards: At A Glance

Music is a constantly evolving field, and Filipinos should be able to take part in this progressive culture. With the Wish 107.5 Music Awards, the station aims to pay tribute to acts and artists who have given significant contributions in the thriving music scene.

Apart from the usual award-giving repertoire, the Wish Music Awards distinguishes itself from other bodies as it incorporates the concept of wish granting. Winners of  major categories are given the chance to provide cash donations to their respective beneficiaries. Since the 1st WMA, a total of Php 2.2 million were already given to charity.


Looking Back

The inaugural year of the WMA was held on January 26, 2016. With the theme, “Your Coolest Musical Experience,” Wish 107.5 celebrated the then-budding popularity of the country’s first-ever FM-on-wheels, the Wish 107.5 Bus.

The musical vehicle  allowed the station to show their support for local Filipino artists by providing them with the opportunity to share their craft. It also showcased a new way in which Filipinos can love and appreciate music.

However, innovation doesn’t stop in just delivering the coolest musical experience — the FM radio station has set the bar higher as it tapped the power of technology to uplift the world-class Filipino musicality.

Investing intensely in its YouTube Channel, the station has continually reaped overwhelming results. Created to serve as an online sanctuary of phenomenal “WISHclusive” videos of the brightest and freshest musical artists, the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel is now the leading FM YouTube page in the country.

Earning the global nod of music lovers that range from local fans to international entertainment figures, the channel skyrocketed into becoming a sought-after WISHclusive gateway of Filipino artists to the world.

The station celebrates this milestone with the second Wish 107.5 Music Awards (WMA), which was a  fitting tribute to the artists and OPM supporters who are the true heroes behind the ascent of Wish 107.5 from being a young FM station to becoming an ambassador of Filipino artistry. The ceremony was held on January 16, 2017.


WMA Returns On a Grander Scale

The SMART Araneta Coliseum will once again witness a grand moment in Philippine music history as the Wish 107.5 Music Awards is set to return for its third year on January 15, 2018.

As in the previous years, the annually-held event will pay tribute to the Philippine music scene’s cream of the crop, recognizing their efforts to uplift Filipino artistry even beyond the confines of the archipelago.

However, the 3rd WMA aims to do more, as it introduces a new award, the Wishclusive Performance of the Year by an International Artist, to recognize foreigners who have shared their talents on board the Wish Bus.

The recognition also serves as a prelude to Wish 107.5’s intent to bring its undertakings to a wider scale — and that is by giving a unique musical platform not just to local acts but to foreign performers as well.

Veering away from the gender-based categories of the WMA’s sophomore year, the ceremony’s third installment will now also give out titles that focus on music genres.

Over 70 local and international artists are competing to take home the coveted G-clef-inspired WMA trophy.

Apart from a total of 18 categories up for voting, other special recognitions will be handed out including the Wishclusive Viral Video of the Year, the Wish Reactors’ Choice, and the Wishclusive Elite Circle awards.


Winners’ List

1st Wish 107.5 Music Awards

2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards