Wish 107.5 Music Awards

With the evolution of music comes new ways avid listeners are able to experience and enjoy the universally loved art form. From the classic gramophone to the high school sweethearts’ mixtape, all the way through to the era of iPods and Spotify – a myriad of platforms have been crafted for enthusiasts to snag their daily Top 40 fix.

As past decades have witnessed, among the most eager of music lovers have been Filipinos, ready to discover new ways of enjoying the evolving music landscape. One would only need a peek into a typical Filipino home to confirm this – many have still preserved their favorite vinyl records, tickets to their first Eraserheads concert, and perhaps even old musical compositions laced with the nostalgic experiences of young love and adventure. While younger household members possess the latest gadgets to experience their music, older ones are still able to relive and share the yesteryears of enjoying theirs.

The appreciation for music and the experiences it offers is a constantly evolving field, and Filipinos should be able to take part in this progressive culture.

1st WMA: Your Coolest Musical Experience

Through Wish 107.5 Music Awards (WMA), the station does not only aim to present its usual award-giving program, but highlight the new ways in which Filipinos can love and appreciate music – the country’s first-ever FM-on-wheels, the Wish 107.5 Bus.

This innovative musical experience allows the station to show their support for local Filipino artists by providing them with the opportunity to share their craft, as well as granting listeners with precious access to the music – for free.

Since its launch in August 2014, the bus has already housed several live mini-concerts and brought the music of exceptional and emerging talents closer to the ears and hearts of Filipino audiences. The Wish 107.5 Bus still has a long way to go, but its newly found footing in the industry and continually rising popularity has already made it a development worth celebrating.

2nd WMA: Your WISHclusive Gateway to the World

Innovation doesn’t stop in just delivering the coolest musical experience — Wish 107.5 has set the bar higher as it tapped the power of technology to uplift the world-class Filipino musicality.

Investing intensely in its YouTube Channel, the station is now reaping overwhelming results. Created to serve as an online sanctuary of phenomenal “WISHclusive” videos of the brightest and freshest musical artists, the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel is now the leading FM YouTube page in the country, reaching over a hundred million views in just two years’ time.

Earning the global nod of music lovers that range from local fans to international entertainment figures, the channel skyrocketed into becoming a sought-after WISHClusive gateway of Filipino artists to the world.

The station celebrates this milestone with the second Wish 107.5 Music Awards (WMA), which will be a  fitting tribute to the artists and OPM supporters who are the true heroes behind the ascent of Wish 107.5 from being a young FM station to becoming an ambassador of Filipino artistry.