‘Wishclusive Power’ Kicks Off with IV of Spades, December Avenue’s Wishclusives

Feb 14, 2019

Wish 107.5 is brewing a new project that grants artists and the public the power to pay it forward through music.

With “Wishclusive Power,” the radio station takes the online musical experience it offers to a higher notch by adding a charity component to its widely acclaimed Wishclusive YouTube video series.

Through this newest endeavor, OPM acts will be challenged to record a Wishclusive performance. If the videos that will be produced will garner at least 10 million views in a span of one month, the said artists and their chosen beneficiaries will win a total cash prize worth Php 100,000.

Starting with a Bang

“Wishclusive Power” is set to kick off on Friday, February 15, starting with two of the hottest bands in today’s music scene.

Fresh from their 4th Wish Music Awards win, Wish Group of the Year awardee and funk rock outfit IV of Spades will premiere their awaited Wishclusive comeback performance featuring their newest single titled “Bawat Kaluluwa.” This track taken from the debut album “CLAPCLAPCLAP!” explores one’s inner child and the struggles it faces.

December Avenue, who also took home a trophy in the recently held WMA, will also debut a new Wishclusive on the said date. Their latest release from Wish 107.5 will feature their 2018 hit track, “Bulong.” The emotionally-charged song, which is a sweet confession of love, is yet another well-loved addition to their canon of hugot-laden hits.

The bands’ latest videos, together with other performances to be released under the “Wishclusive Power” project, will be available on the station’s YouTube channel with over four million-strong subscribers.

A Heart for Charity

Apart from the game-changing contributions Wish 107.5 has made to the music and radio broadcast industries, the company is known for always incorporating philanthropy in its every venture.

In a previous statement, BMPI President and CEO Kuya Daniel Razon has said that everything that Wish launches is rooted from a simple yet fervent desire — “…to be able to introduce innovations and transform them into something more rewarding for a greater number of individuals.”

Besides “Wishclusive Power,” Wish 107.5 doles out cash donations to different charitable entities during the annually-held Wish 107.5 Music Awards and Wishcovery Grand Finals.

The multi-awarded FM radio station also grants heartwarming wishes of its listeners especially during its anniversary celebration, which takes place every August.

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