This new Johnoy Danao original will help you find the ‘right time’


Posted on: May 14th, 2017

Anyone would agree that time won’t fade a love song like this.

Upon hearing Johnoy Danao’s newest single, you will see a captivating imagery — a beautiful couple exchanging vows of long-lasting love, filling the atmosphere with romance that washes away any trace of misery and sorrow. Phrases and tunes were fitly composed to narrate a story of finally finding “the one” after going through a seemingly unending series of heartache and pain.

The elegance of “Right Time” lies in the honesty of its message, and Danao’s expertise in finding the right words and right notes to convey such rosy and hopeful  theme all the more helped to create a song perfect for wedding ceremonies. Add up his handsome vocals and top-notch guitar playing, this track is sure to move many more hearts generation after generation.

The song’s studio version features a duet with OPM darling Clara Benin. It was originally written for the wedding of singer Nikki Gil and BJ Albert.

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