WATCH: TJ Monterde serenades with ‘Ikaw at Ako’

Sep 7, 2016

TJ Monterde is certainly a wordsmith to watch out for. Be it a song filled with literary devices to profess romance, or a track straightforwardly written to serenade his muse, or a fine combination of two, he has the knack for creating music that many, if not all, of his listeners can relate to.

Cliche as it may sound but magical still, “Ikaw at Ako” is a celebration of love bound to stand against the test of time.

This mellow OPM tune exudes a vital love and life lesson — to not let go of someone important to you. And the sentiment of the narrator ardently confessing his vow to hold on no matter what happens  is effectively captured by TJ’s skillful performance as an artist and a composer. No wonder the song was nominated for an Awit Award for Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist.



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