Wishclusives We’d Love to Dedicate to our Brave COVID-19 Frontliners

Mar 25, 2020

While many stay at home to minimize the spread of COVID-19 — the coronavirus-caused disease that has affected hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe —  some are out in the frontlines, risking their lives to help contain the infectious disease. From healthcare workers down to the skeletal workforce in vital industries like pharmaceuticals, sanitation, food and services, retail, banking, and media — scores of unsung heroes live days of hard toil to be instrumental in saving as many lives as possible. 

Though words are not enough to express gratitude for these people’s gallantry, we at Wish 107.5 acknowledge the heroism they do for the society. Let this selection of Wishclusives speak out our deepest thanks to the brave COVID-19 frontliners in our country and beyond. 

“I Will Be Here/ Warrior Is A Child” – Gary Valenciano

And I will be here

When the laughter turns to cryin’

Through the winnin’ and losin’ and tryin’

We’ll be together

‘Cause I will be here


They don’t know that I come running home when I fall down

They don’t know Who picks me up when no one is around

I drop my sword and cry for just a while

‘Cause deep inside this armor

The warrior is a child

In this Wishclusive, OPM icon Gary Valenciano gifts listeners with a medley of two of his most beloved inspirational tunes. 

“I Will Be Here” is an exquisite ode that can relay words of encouragement to COVID-19 frontliners. It’s a wonderful song that speaks of a love that can provide comfort amidst distance. “Warrior Is A Child,” on the other hand, is a piece acknowledging that at the end of the day, our modern-day heroes are humans, too. They can also be overcome with vulnerability, and the only solution there is, is to surrender to and find solace in the arms of the Most High. 

“Ngayon At Kailanman” – Basil Valdez

Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo, liyag

Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad

Bawat kahapon ay daig nitong bawat ngayon

Na daig ng bawat bukas

COVID-19 has inevitably separated many of the frontliners from their loved ones. This Wishclusive from Basil Valdez — which features the endearing George Canseco-penned classic “Ngayon at Kailanman” — is a reminder that even from afar, they are always loved. And as timeless as this musical piece, the love they ought to receive is one that’s ageless, one that grows even stronger with each passing day. 

“Leaves” – Ben&Ben

Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees

And all will be alright in time

From waves overgrown come the calmest of seas

And all will be alright in time 

Providing respite in these challenging times, Ben&Ben’s “Leaves” reassures that despite the difficulties, “all will be alright in time.” Apart from its beautiful lyricism, the song marries rosy melodic lines with gentle vocal works to further give warmth to its listeners — from the frontliners to ordinary citizens.

“Simula” – Munimuni

Hindi tayo ayos ngayon

Makulimlim na ang panahon

Umasa na lang tayo

Matatapos din ang bagyo

At nearly seven minutes, Munimuni’s “Simula” makes for the perfect anthem for when you want to contemplate the seemingly complicated matters of life. The tune — adeptly and gorgeously interpreted in this Wishclusive — embraces the concepts of holding onto hope and starting anew and wreaths them in poetic lines and melodies. If you’re looking for odes that can bring calmness to a frontliner’s tired being and mind, this one should definitely be on the list. 

“Ngiti Sa Ulan” – Silent Sanctuary

Minsan pa ako’y muling lalaban

Masaktan, lumuha ng sukdulan

Nandiyan ka ano pang maranasan

May ngiti sa ulan

One of the more upbeat Wishclusives in this selection, Silent Sanctuary’s “Ngiti Sa Ulan” (a collaborative work with electro-pop rock band Brisom) bears a tune that is as jovial as its lyrics. Straightforward yet affecting, the song is capable of painting a smile on someone’s face with its message about overcoming struggles and drawing strength from those you hold dear to your heart. 

“Puso” – Sponge Cola

Dehado kung dehado

Para sa’n pang mga galos mo

Kung titiklop ka lang, titiklop ka lang

Matalo kung matalo

Huwag ka sanang magkakamaling

Sumuko na lang

From its marching drum beats to its spirit-raising never-give-up theme, Sponge Cola’s “Puso” is a stirring song about giving it all. Though it has been widely used as an anthem during sports events, the song has never been more relevant with all that is happening today. Give someone you know who works in the frontlines a much-needed boost by sharing this Wishclusive (or better yet, this whole roster) with them. 

“Pagsubok” – K-Leb

‘Di lang din ikaw, madami pa diyan 

‘Wag kang bumitaw

Meron ngang iba sobrang nawalan

Oo, mabigat pero ang lahat merong katapat 

Kahit mabigat pwedeng gumaan

Filipino rapper K-Leb’s “Pagsubok” is hard-hitting, gritty, and immensely relevant. Laden with wise and truthfully written words, this is the Wishclusive everyone — frontliner or not — should hear. While feelings of unfairness can be felt by the affected individuals and families of COVID-19, this rap piece calls for solidarity. Because with this virtue, even the most gigantic of problems can be trounced.

“Kabayanihan” – Philippine Army Band

Sakripisyo ng bawat sundalo

Buhay ay laging nasa peligro

Sa panahon ng digmaan, lumalaban na may tapang

Iaalay ang sariling buhay para sa kabayanihan

Conquering the Wish Bus with their musical skills, members of the Philippine Army Band dish out “Kabayanihan,” an original track that gives an anthemic nod to the valor of Filipino fighters. With the recent happenings, the song — punctuated by powerful guitar riffs and soaring vocal harmonies — takes a more meaningful form as it tackles the sacrifices made by modern-day heroes, with the term “heroes” now encompassing dedicated healthcare workers and other frontliners who soldier on despite the risks that COVID-19 poses to their lives. 

“Kumapit Ka Lang” – Carmela Ravanilla

Ngayong nandito ka na

Aatras ka pa ba? Wag na

Tingin mo’y di makakaya

Palaging may pag-asa

Magtiwala ka lang

Itawag mo sa Kanya

Soloist-turned-MYMP vocalist Carmela Ravanilla shines a ray of hope through her Wish Bus performance of “Kumapit Ka Lang,” an upbeat gospel tune from A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival. The song, which won the songwriting competition’s 2016 edition, is one of those musical gems that should be heard by more people today as it inspires optimism and relays the ever-relevant message of trusting God.

“May Awa Ang Dios” – Sheryn Regis

Sa t’wing tila ‘di na makakayanan

Pagsubok na aking pinagdaraanan

Ang tanging pag-asang pinanghahawakan

May awa ang Dios

May awa ang Dios

At times when the hurdles seem to be too huge to conquer, “May Awa Ang Dios” poignantly provides the greatest hope anyone could possibly have: God’s mercy. In this Wishclusive, Sheryn Regis — hailed as the Crystal Voice of Asia — breathes life to and clearly delivers the sunny and heartening message of this gospel track that won the 2014 ASOP Music Festival. 

In these trying times, let us fill our hearts with love and songs that spark hope and togetherness. Let us always keep on wishing and praying. 

Should you have any medical concerns, UNTV — a BMPI-operated TV network and Wish 107.5’s sister company — is offering free consultation via its 24/7 digital clinic hotlines: 0915-189-7007 (Globe), 0918-438-8988 (Smart), 0943-411-8001 (Sun), and +63918-438-8988 (Viber). 

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