‘Wishcovery Originals’: Wish 107.5’s Online Competition Returns with a New Concept for Season 3

Jun 7, 2019

Wish 107.5 continues its search for talented Filipino musicians with the third season of Wishcovery. But unlike the previous editions (whose focus was on discovering promising singers), Wishcovery Season 3 dubbed as Wishcovery Originals will now shift the spotlight on singing-songwriting acts from across different genres.

This concept reflects Wish 107.5’s core mission of promoting original songs that showcase the wide range of musicality our local artists have to offer. The idea was first seen in the station’s widely popular Wish 107.5 Bus and its well-followed Wishclusive video series.

“This time, we will be discovering not only singers but also composers who can actually sing. It will be better if they will be one to sing they songs because they know where they are really coming from,” BMPI CEO and Wishcovery creator Kuya Daniel Razon said in an interview, revealing the concept behind the competition.

“Each scene, each image, each memory attached to every letter of a piece written by a composer contains a lot of things, and I believe that those can be expressed better by the one who composed the song,” he further explained.

Eligibility for Auditionees

Wishcovery Originals is open to solo, duo, group/band musicians who are 18 years old and above. The auditionees must have their own independently created, unpublished original compositions. They must not also be signed under any record label prior and during the audition period and competition proper (in case they make the cut).

Aspiring musicians who meet the eligibility requirements can send their entries by filling out and completing the Wishcovery submission form (accessible at www.wish1075.com/Wishcovery). This is where they will also attach their audition videos or demos, which must feature an original song and must be shot in full high definition.

Only one entry will be accepted per auditionee. The audition period will end on June 30, 2019.

Fierce Competition

Among the auditionees, only a select few will head on to the contest proper, which will feature a series of weekly and monthly eliminations.

In each stage leading up to the grand finals, the contenders will perform their original compositions aboard the Wish Bus as their competition piece.

Their total scores for each round will be determined by the scores given by a panel of judge-reactors (75%) and through power-viewing (25%).

These judge-reactors will also be tasked to provide feedback to the songs and performances of each contender and guide them on how they can improve their craft.

The Wish Bus performances of the contenders will also be uploaded on Wish’s YouTube channel. After a five-day period, the views they garnered will comprise the power-viewing component of their final scores.

Prizes at Stake

As Wish 107.5 is looking for the next singing-songwriting sensation through Wishcovery Originals, the audience can expect for fierce competition among the contenders.

According to Kuya Daniel, what this season is looking for is a “total performer.”

“What we want now is someone who can sing well, compose their own songs, perform them in front of an audience, and send their message across,” he said.

Meanwhile, BMPI Vice President Mr. Jay Eusebio emphasized that at as “Wish is always about quality and innovation,” the Wishers should “expect surprises, twists and turns, and a very entertaining season.”

Despite going through rounds that can really stretch their musical capabilities, the aspiring artists can look forward to a prestigious roster of prizes. The grand champion will take home one million peso-worth of cash, another one-million peso-worth of a management contract, a brand-new car, and a house and lot.

Wishcovery Originals is now accepting audition videos from aspiring soloists, duos, groups/bands with original songs. The audition period will end on June 30, 2019. For more details about the eligibility and mechanics, visit www.wish1075.com/Wishcovery.

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