Wishcovery Season 1 Champion Princess Sevillena Gears Up for NY Training, BMPI Talents Release New Tracks

Apr 22, 2019

Filipina belter Princess Sevillena will soon fly off to New York, USA for a rigid vocal and performance training as part of the prizes she won as the grand champion of Wishcovery Season 1.

The rising diva considers this opportunity “a dream come true” as she will have the chance to further hone her skills as a performer. She will be trained by the US-based talent agency, ONQ, helmed by its president, Cicero Oca.

“I’m expecting to have a great time as I improve myself and my abilities. I know that this will really help me empower my craft. This is a huge opportunity for me not only to enhance my skills but to also know and improve upon my weaknesses,” Sevillena said in an interview.

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“We just need to start training Princess here first before we go to the US,” the seasoned talent agent shared in an interview with UNTV News.

Since winning the pilot season of Wishcovery, the songstress said that she “became more passionate in singing.”

Though she admitted that she still needs to “push [herself] more,” she is “very happy that God has put [her] in a position where she can both enjoy and learn from [her] work.”

Sevillena, together with the runners-up of Wishcovery Season 1, is currently being managed by BMPI Talent Center. BMPI, or Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International, is the content provider for Wish 107.5.

Apart from gearing up for her New York training, Sevillena is also looking forward to the release of the music videos of her singles “Walang Kasing Ikaw” and “Pangarap Kong Bituin.”

New Songs from BMPI Talents

Besides Sevillena’s upcoming projects, the talent arm of BMPI has also recently unveiled new tracks from two of its homegrown acts, Mela and rock band Plethora.

Released earlier in March under Warner Music Philippines, Mela’s offering is a pop-rock piece titled “Hindi Ako Artista.” The track, penned by singer-songwriter Ramiru Mataro, is about “someone who is under the illusion of being in love.”

While spotlighting the singer’s clean trills, the song’s dramatically buoyant arrangement — which climaxes to an electrifying guitar solo — helps tone the mood to a rueful degree. After all, despite the single’s uptempo guise, it’s still about someone getting hurt and feeling remorseful after finding out that the other person is only feigning love.

In contrast to Mela’s musical tale of heartbreak, rock quartet Plethora’s newest track is on the more hopeful side.

“Hindi Na Bale,” their debut release under Warner, narrates “a person’s undying love.” The stirring tune immortalizes one’s enduring yearning to spend the rest of his life with his special someone.

“He will do anything just to be with the person he loves. He will face trials with open arms. He will take the pains with joy in his heart,” the band said about the song’s main character.

Shifting gears from metal to alternative rock, Plethora’s musicianship also remains evident in this heartening earworm. The song is triumphant in conveying its untarnished message of love, thanks to frontman LJ Herrera’s striking wide-range vocals and to the tasteful mingling of the band’s instruments.

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Plethora is Herrera (vocals, bass), Andrew Isaguire (guitars), Aldrin Isaguire (keyboard), and Jesser Pello (drums).

Stream and listen to Mela and Plethora’s new songs here and here.

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