Losing what I should have cherished the most

Wishper of Love

Posted on: July 18th, 2016

After graduation, I dreamt of having a better life in the metro, just like what my other classmates in the province thought. I’ve striven hard to get a job there. It took me quite some time to earn the fruit of my perseverance. Nonetheless, I had a taste of success.

I felt great, but somehow, a part of me is missing. I realized, upon reaching my dreams, I compromised a lot of things – the opportune time to be with my parents, to give them back the love and the care they gave; to grow up with my childhood friends; to be with the lady whom I first loved…

I was too busy moving forward that I forgot to look back at the place where I used to be. I got what I wished for, but I lost the treasures that I should have cherished the most. Doctor Clark, I miss them so much. Right now, I could just wish that I could be with them once more— there, in our own little place in the province I call home…
– Luis

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