She drifted away yet I stayed the same

Wishper of Love

Posted on: August 11th, 2016

I never met a dad before, never been with a family before but it was never a reason for my life to be incomplete. I never felt alone because I always had my mom with me. She loved me all along the way.

Everything’s beautiful whenever we’re together. I always felt how much she loved me. There’s no one else in our lives but each other. When she’s happy, so was I. I believe that my life was perfectly meant to be this way and I will always thank God for it.

But years have passed; I was not a child anymore. My hair was not the same that she braided before. She never smiled at me like she used to before because she met someone in her life now, from somewhere I don’t know. She married him, had a family with him and loved them more than she had loved me before. She drifted away yet I stayed the same.

I can see how happy she was than before. I can see how this life made her life perfect and I know she deserves it. Life has changed a little bit. I needed to stay away now. I know we had each other before and setting myself away for a while, just for a while, would never throw away what we had before. Carrying her words inside my heart when she said “I will always love you”, along the way I believe she will always will.


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