I’ll give you the best of my love

Aug 18, 2016

We are farmers in Tarlac, and what we earn is enough to help us get by and save for our family’s future.

Minda, my wife, is a childhood friend. We grew up riding bicycles along rural roads, catching toads, playing hide and seek, and eating our meals with bare hands.

We fell in love as we made more memories together. We shared even more wonderful times after we exchanged I do’s. Every day of our married life, I am thanking the One who sent Minda to me.

Dr. Clark, I hope that you will read this message I have for my wife…

“Minda, I may not be able to give you a mansion, or any other expensive things, but I promise that I will give you the best of my love, the kind of love that no amount of money can ever buy.”

– Alfredo

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