What I miss the most

Wishper of Love

Posted on: August 4th, 2016

This wishper is for my ex­girlfriend, Nida.

You were the first person I’ve imagined having a family with. Truth is, there are days when I dreamed a whole future for us — what our children’s names would be, where would we live. That’s why when you shattered my heart, you shattered everything. I was left empty, alone, and floating in nothingness.

I miss being the reason you smiled. But the thing I missed the most is smiling because of you.

But, I thank you still. Thank you for being in my life when I needed you the most. Thank you for everything you taught me. Yes, I even thank you for breaking my heart.

Five years have passed. I have finally stopped bleeding. I healed, though the scars still show. I’m stronger because of what you did, both good and bad. I think of you often, but I think of you in warm regards and I hope we meet again one day. I am grateful that you have moved on as well, and I hope the person you are now with is everything you need him to be.

Thank you for letting me experience love even though it’s over now. I am happy that I was able to feel something so true and beautiful.

Goodbye to you my dear and remember that I will always love you.


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