Wishpers of Love: Because she loved me

Mar 12, 2018

Doctor Clark, I want you to meet Carmen – an incomparable lady, a woman like no other.


I have never felt love like the way Carmen loved me. Hers is like a deep well full of secrets, unimaginable and unfathomable; the sacrifices she made for me is just indescribable.


There was a time when I was sick, she stayed all night to attend to my needs; she pampered me with tenderness and care. I remembered when we went to the park, she held my hand tightly as if we were not bound to part. She was always there to guide me, to see me grow to be the best person that she wished me to be.


Carmen is the kind of woman who would not forsake someone close to her heart, a woman who regards her loved ones as her greatest treasures.


Doctor Clark, I am proud to say that I am blessed to have a mother like her…


To my mom, I don’t know how to thank you but this is one dear song that has always reminded me of your love and kindness. I am truly and deeply grateful…because you loved me.



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