Wishpers of Love: A marvelous seven years with him

Mar 9, 2018

I met Wade in 2005 and we instantly became friends. He was very funny and sweet. The type you’d easily be comfortable with. For some reason, he also grew fond of me and we were like, best friends.


For the longest time, we’ve shared a lot of fun memories. Along with that, we also got each other’s back when times got rough. We cried together when my grandmother died in 2009. And that same year, he caught an illness that would put him in severe pain.


Since then, I took care of him. With high hopes that he’ll recover soon, we still had a blast together by doing the fun things we used to do. Morning runs, stroll at the park and watching movies at home… we had high hopes for more days like these.


In 2011, the doctor said he has three more months to live. I was broken deep inside. But he fought a good fight. He would smile even brighter than I could. And he lived. For one more year.


It was a marvelous seven years with Wade. He was, in a way, God’s instrument for me to know how to never give up. And I’m happy because I was able to let him know how much I love him before he left. I just miss him so much.

– Joyce

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